Friday, September 4, 2009

Wholly Mackeral! These guys are amazing!

Ok I don't have the gadget to transfer the pics tonight as we are at Tom and Marges dining room table instead of dealing with bugs under the canopy. (The Wicked is like a tank and won't let transmition in), but, you can go to and see some great photos, and I will post mine of "Monkey Boy", barefoot 15 feet in the air being a total jungle dude. He was in his glory! Chuck actually handed Rudy a machete in his toes so he could reach it. Rudy was like "what the hell"! But it worked. And no I did not get that shot. The Palapa is down right friggn amazing! It's huge and really neat with the combination of old style build with the help of a chainsaw-drill-sawzall. You'll understand what I mean when you see the pics.

My Work Permit which should of been done 3-4 weeks ago has dissapeared from the Belize office so I had to start over, OH BUMMER! 2-3 MORE WEEKS before I can work. SO SAD!

I gotta start working out. Marge is such an amazing cook, its like eating in a 4 star restaurant every night. I'm not kidding, its fabulous. And since I am not working...I need to be doing something. Keeping the Wicked clean, working Bella, and driving over insanely rocky 4 wheel roads is just not enough.

Whoopi is doing OK. She sleeps alot, and cuddles and gets motivated twice a day, but honestly, Im just thankful shes still here and made the trip so great. My biggest hope is she can come back to the US with us for our wedding. VEGAS! We decided Vegas would be an easier access, cheaper and quicker for everyone. Then whenever anyone wants to come to Belize they can come and we can spend more time with everyone. And both sides of our families love Vegas. The only bummer is that Tom and Marge won't be able to come. They can't go anywhere together, unless Chuck and I are at the Moonracer Farm. So...

Richard Shook, Bellas and my trainer from NC comes October 1st, for a few days. We intend to work and have fun. Bella needs a tune up, I NEED IT MORE. She is awesome on prong and leash, but flips me the paw when off.

I have a great article in the Belize Ag Report. Will be a regular contributor every other month. John and Beth Roberson are hosting a brunch for us on Sunday and I will have a chance to meet some very special folks. And Marge and Tom will get a chance to meet new folks as well. It should be a lovely afternoon. i am really looking forward to it.

Most of you know that I am a girly girl at heart, (Marge had nicknamed me "Cowgirl Barbie" after the first time we met), so you can believe how happy it makes me that I can be in skirts and a decent top to go to town and that it is totally appropriate. Then again, if I went in my lil boys skater shorts and a tank top, no one would care either, but it gives me an excuse to be a girl again, and earrings and rings are fine!

There is so much to tell you, and Ive been better about photos and videos then typing, which you probably all prefer any way. But I am going to try to update more often.

I will say this...we love our lives. This adventure is amazing and we are so happy to be sharing it together and have our girls with us. I don't miss my own horses, well ok, that is not totally true, but I am riding Moonracers horses and Elfie, the filly, and Esmerelda, the gray mare, and I are becoming good teams.

We do miss you all, but hope you come and see us, I know you will find this country amazing.

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