Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So much to tell you and not enough time. This is the rainy season, but its been really nice during the days, an occassional shower, but usually its at night. We are anxious to be in the "Palapa Castle" as we wont have to run for vents and windows every time it rains.

I have more to download, but it does take a while, so they will be later.

John and Beth Roberson hosted a wonderful brunch on Sunday and Chuck and I got a chance to meet lots of new folks, even Marge and Tom met a few new ones. John, Chuck and I stole out to the barn and saw his horses and cows for a while. He has some old Easy Jet and Pie in the Sky lines. A couple of really classy horses.

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  1. Howdy from SC! So great to hear from you and now I can follow your blog - hooray! :-)
    I have started an e-mail to you (really I have) but now it's in the draft folder, and I have a reallyhard time finishing things that are in the draft folder. :-) But I'll try.