Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grandpas getting there, lil by little

He is looking better, but has a ways to go yet. Been trying since the first week, to get his teeth done by the only power float set here. Im hoping it will be soon, he has to eat a slop like oatmeal so he doesnt gouge his cheeks and tongue. BUT HE LOVES IT!

Grandpa about two weeks after we got him

Notice the horrible fungus as well as his poor LH angle... His ribs and back bone...


Chicatta (the Belize version of ZENYATTA) She is in a growth spurt and is butt high right now. 15 months old... Double swirl...prissy...bitchy and a lot like Bopper! YIKES!!! LOL!!! Thats ok, I love her. She loves Chuck, but is deciding I'm "ok".

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Mexican Porcupine here in BZ!

That was after I had pulled about 30 out of the throat, tongue,cheeks and lips! We were lucky I had Ace tablets...
Hope you all have had a wonderful Holiday season and will have a spectacular 2011!!!

I know it has been a rediculous amount of time since we have posted...Shows you how busy our lives are here. Also shows me I spend too much time on Face Book and not enough on here!!!

Light Rein Farm is amazing, truly amazing...Can not wait to show you all our beautiful farm someday! AND we have horses now, thats right, horses-plural-Chicatta came home last week and "Grandpa" aka Link, Gumby, Curly...came three weeks before. He is a 22 yr old Mennonite horse we 'bought', $50.00 USD, I wanted a project and a buddy for Chicatta. So far so good, he has put on about 80 lbs and is spry and cocky. Still needs his teeth done but trying to get that accomplished here is like trying to get family to come visit...

I will post many pics next week of the TCER - that be the Triple Crown Endurance Race #1 and #2. 1 was a big success and a lot of fun and we expect this one to be even better, then we finish with #3 in February. More later I promise.