Saturday, March 19, 2011


It rained, it rained alot! But the race was great anyway and horses cooled down faster with the rains help.

The last of our Triple Crown Endurance Races was very exciting with finishes for first and second and third and fourth down to the nose at a full out gallop! Gabe Baron on Lil Bit, ended up taking his sweep of three by a nose at the finish over Davina Bedran as she closed in on Conquistador, one more stride and I think she would have gotten him.

The two geldings are half brothers, same stud, two different mares and are TOTALLY different, Lil Bit is this tough, cocky, 14.3 hand lil dark chocolate half arab and Conquistador is this regal, big chestnut who has an air about him of superiority. Any one wanting a strong heart for endurance racing needs to talk to Abdala Bedran about his arabian stallion. Both of these gelding come in strong and drop to the low parameters quicker then anyone elses horses ever dreamed of. And, Lil Bit is for sale as Gabe will be in Canada for college this fall.

The Belize Equestrian Academy arena is designed so well, that all though we had standing water while the rain was falling, it cleared and dried up within about an hour for the remaining speed classes of the open show. Now we will add more sand to it and have a great facility to run barrels and poles in on a routine basis. I think the speed show is what the audience loves the best. We try to make it a bit of a learning experience as well. I do the announcing and explain things as we run the classes. Hopefully our clinic in May will be a big success and get even more folks into running barrels...Do I see NBHA on the horizon? HMMMmmmm!


What a great end to the TCER! Really thrilling finishes and great competitors. We had three new riders, and they did a great job. Other than the riders, helpers and I got pretty soggy, the weather was doable as the temps were mild.

I want to thank Maruja Vargus for her help at all the events as my time/pulse keeper. The guys Juan and Carlos and Chrissy from Cheers for being cool down crews and Cynthia Reece from Olde Mill for her photos and entry help. Miss Joan, Lisa and Ziri, Nolberto and all the Olde Mill guys, THANKS A BUNCH!!!

And of course Chuck, who takes being called Chuck Olson with a laugh, for all of the support and help and running and being the best "gopher" any one could have. Love ya honey and thanks a million.

Plans for the next Triple Crown are in the works and we hope to have our sponsors back. Uckele from the U.S. was awesome and supported us with product. It was great for me to beable to introduce a company I have believed in for over 20 years to a new group of horsemen. Belize Natural Energy and Reimers Feed Mill of Spanish Lookout were a big help in making this event so special as well. Thanks to all of our sponsors, hope you enjoyed the races!

J.R. a.k.a. 84 Nelore Bull calf

This is the bull calf John had picked out for me to show at the Ag fair. John had told Henry, the barn guy, before he passed away, so...I'm gonna show a Nelore Bull Calf at the Ag fair. He is growing so much every week, and we have 5 more weeks before the fair...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Killah was feeling left out...

Killah Bean..."Beaner" LOVEs to ride, just like the Poozie did! He actually went for over an hour and a half last week. Its nice that my saddle is too big for me cuz he fits perfect! The other pic is my forge stand here at LRF and he has always liked small dark places, my lil cave dog.

Hub mans awesome stall...all from jungle!

All of this wood was cut from our jungle and carted out by hand, then stripped with machetes. Then cut in half with a chainsaw...Its a big 16 x 12 and he loves it.


MY BIG MAN! We were able to get him home Monday!

Thanks Trey!

"Jackson", one of the bestest, most handsome, big red dogs in the WORLD!

Jackson was found to have a brain tumor this week, but he has had a wonderful life with Dana and Shane Wilson. He went from Vegas to Sherrils Ford, NC. Lake Norman was his playground...He was a wonderful boy, the perfect Golden Retriever. You will be missed by all who knew you big handsome guy.

Rest In Peace big guy and give the Poo a lick for me please...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ponying with saddle...BIG GURL STYLE!

Tried to do a series of five photos...YEAH not happening, so there will be two at a time and it still takes forever.

This was riding in our orchard, she was such a good girl. I now have the stirrup out long to let them bang on sides. Still good! Notice how good "Old Bastard" looks! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chicatta...MAD Grandpa was out with the boys!

So many little power!

So a few pics of my beautiful girl! She is so funny about my paying any attention to Grandpa and when we ride him (the boys do every Saturday) she has a fit that she is left out. SO I started ponying her a couple of weeks ago. Today I decided to saddle her and she did so well, I took her out to pony saddled up! I love this filly!
How is that for a perfect tail set? NO NERVING NEEDED FOR THAT ONE! Eat your heart out my pleasure friends...