Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random pics

New friends-Tina and AnnaLeagh, ol pal Alex and Chuck and Marge at Moonracer dining room.

Our view for a home site at the top of our hill, actually could go higher, I didnt have the energy.

See, told you they were perfect!

A parrot pair visiting...

Skeleton and Avocadoes deluxe!

Avocadoes on our trees are amazing!

Chuck found a horse skeleton and we r bleaching and cleaning it, HOW FUN!

7 inches long and 4 inches high and like creamy perfection!

Friday, August 6, 2010


I know some of you get freaked out about visiting us because of the snakes and the bugs and spiders...But it is no different then the Copperheads and Black Widows in NC, the Rattlers and Scorpions and Tarantulas in Texas, Water Mocs and Brown Recluse in MI, and so on... It's just that Im nuts enough to post em!!! :)

Our weather lately has been nicer then most of yours, NC or MI. You have had hot and humid and we have had warm and breezey with a lil rain. Even tho its the hurricane season, we just dont get much of it, other then rain.

We have an amazing place and realy hope you will think of coming and letting us share it with you.

Boa n da Fox...Boa won.

Dennis, our 14 yr old who helps us here, saw two fox earlier, then heard one yiping. This was why. If you are squeamish just dont watch. But honestly she got very still and you really don't see much. All you can see of the fox is the gray hips at the the lower middle. Remember it is no different then National Geographic, just that it is what we live every day. The guys had found him earlier in the week, chopping high grass, Chuck wanted to move him and I said no. They help keep the bad snakes down and I had thought they hunted at night, so no worries for Killah. This fox was about Killahs size...Hmmm...may need to rethink this one.

More pics from Caves Branch

Ian Anderson's CAVES BRANCH...WOW!

The pool sits besides the river...beautiful.

These are shots from Ella's botanical gardern, the garden is magical!

Thats Gabby on the back of Ian's head, the baby ant eater they rescued

The archeaologists that have been working out of Caves Branch shared some tof the findings, look close at the last pic, it is the nose of a face from a pot, you can see where the eyes and mouth would have gone. Thanks becky for sharing the afternoon with us.

Our kids!

The beautiful Miss Puppy, hanging out in the motor home and after a rain bath in the tree outside-which she LOVED! There were birdwatchers here from some tour and Chuck had Pup out like normal, she hangs out with us all the time and is free flight. SO he was down by the gate and she takes off to the mango tree and starts screamng at this car and they all jump out and start snapping pictures!!! HA hahaha...hope they figure out she is not a new breed of Avian to Belize.

Miss Beluador in all her REGAL-ness!
Mr. Killah Bean in all his CUTE-ness!

The LRF Pals...hope Killah won't get to jealous over new babies if we get Bela bred this month!