Sunday, September 5, 2010


Meet Paquita! Our newest member of the family...Uhm we had said she would be OUTSIDE, yeah, so u see whose chair she is in? She is a hoot. Never was much of a heeler fan, but she has Poozies eyes and gave me that look and I was a goner...

Killah is saying "Come on ya little rat, if ya gotta be here ya gotta keep up...I HAVE THINGS TO DO!
She moved in and is just certain, she is meant to be here!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I can never seem to get the pics and the text to be exactly what I want...

More LRF

Ok so this was the only tree that just didnt come back, poor lil thing...I love my trees. We get rainbows here all the times, many doubles and I even saw a triple the other day!

Our Mega WILD OKRA!!! Puppy has been happy with fresh Okra every day. The fruits get the size of Cucumbers, of course no good to eat past about three inches, but this thing produced like crazy!

More of the black goo, reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies, only its no BLACK GOLD, its black goo!

More LRF of course, but its so much green...

These are all trees that had been close to death. The Golden Plum had been stripped by WiWis and the citrus taken over by vines...The black goo on the Golden Plum is actually normal, its crazy yucky stuff but from what we see, no harm done.

So u can see the trees are doing pretty good now.

Gotta do more Killah and Bela!

Bels fav position and her cute way of asking for more food, nice balancing act Bela!

Killah and the Dad getting cleaned up and Killahs imitation of 'Flav o Flav"!

Another great Belizean Day

This was a beautiful wedding, groom my friend Kevin.

Kids got a little bored as it was a Catholic service-been there...

Awesome hair dos!

This was a great day in the spring!!! Dennis's graduation!!! Then a great lunch served by his mom Miriam. Now he has till January to work and get ready for CET. The trade school here. Hopefully he will be studying Electrical and Refrigeration, has to wait till he is 15, were hoping for the best.


Poor Mistah Chuck has had a rough couple of weeks. We got back from Mexico and with in 12 hrs he was a very sick puppy...For two days he was 103-104 temp, sweats, chills, dizzy and slept most of the 48 hrs. EVERYONE thought it was Dengue fever! Belize is having a really bad year for Hemorrhagic Dengue, the worst in 30 yrs. BUT, NOPE!!! We were lucky and it was just a flu. As of this morning he is still slow going but not coughing up buckets of mucus and is sleeping through the night again.

Now don't go gettin all "SEE THAT PLACE CAN KILL YA" on me! I have read about EEE in Western MI and West Nile all over the US. Its no worse here then there.

How do I have so much time to post today?

You may be asking yourself!!! Well, Mad Dog motors, is working on the 4Runner and I caught a ride to the Internet cafe in the new lil mall, the old movie theatre place. AWESOME IDEA NAT and DEBBIE! I used to go to one closer to Mad Dog Motors so I could walk, but, it has no ac and it was about 102 in it the place the lastt time I sat there for 5.5 hours.

Here- ac but not freezing. Had a fabulous Pinapple Bananna slushie and oatmeal cookie for lunch from the new Paper Crane, met a few new ex pat folks and am not soaking-stinking-grossly wet!!!

Woohhoo! Good day.

Old injury-reinjured...The horse was not nearly as lame as you would think, but there will be no more hauling logs out of the jungle for sure.

Mennonite work

This is just down the road from us. The sawmills saw is powered by an 8 horse team on a wheel and several use the oxen teams to do heavy work. Its great to see this and be a teeny part of that culture. Many of the folks there in Barton Creek now come to me for Vet type questions. I keep telling them I am not a vet, but they like my help. But... cant help all of em thats for sure..


Look close you will see Chuck in all of these, the grass is over ten feet high in areas. This is what happens when you to plant pasture and have 0 livestock...I see cows and goats and horses and a few lambs in our future.
We offered to let folks put there animals out on it, but everyone has pasture that is close enough to do it, or to far away to get the critters there.
We are going to be "sickle mowing" with a mennonite horse or ox team this week, Ill be sure to post those as well.

More Horse news

Well beside dealing with the Carriage Companies in Belize City, Trey and I are now producing a "Triple Crown of Endurance Racing" to cover the Holiday season. A 15 miler after Thanksgiving a 20 miler after Christmas and a 25 miler Valentines weekend. Besides 3 placings every race with trophies and cash, there will be a Grand Champion for over all combined points!

We are hoping that starting with a 15 will entice people to enter and are hoping to host a dog show or horse show as well. Wanted to do a mennonite buggy competition but they are to shy about being in the public eye...Darn it!

Need to get an advertising plan together and hit the streets soon to drum up sponsors, won't like that part much but it will need to be done.

I really hope it goes well, it seems to have people excited for sure.


"Jack Bauer" a 14 month old Red male from Chetumal, really sweet personality and very smart. A very elegant style so it would be a great cross for our big girl...maybe next time...


Well to start off, I got a horse!!! Imagine that, I tried, I really did. BUT...She is a yearling filly and a buckskin out of really good BZ lines. She is from John Roberson Sr. stock. The filly loves John and hates me~Im working on that... She won't be home for a while, we have a lot of work to do to be ready, so she is hanging out with the cows and trying to grow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random pics

New friends-Tina and AnnaLeagh, ol pal Alex and Chuck and Marge at Moonracer dining room.

Our view for a home site at the top of our hill, actually could go higher, I didnt have the energy.

See, told you they were perfect!

A parrot pair visiting...

Skeleton and Avocadoes deluxe!

Avocadoes on our trees are amazing!

Chuck found a horse skeleton and we r bleaching and cleaning it, HOW FUN!

7 inches long and 4 inches high and like creamy perfection!