Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Poor Mistah Chuck has had a rough couple of weeks. We got back from Mexico and with in 12 hrs he was a very sick puppy...For two days he was 103-104 temp, sweats, chills, dizzy and slept most of the 48 hrs. EVERYONE thought it was Dengue fever! Belize is having a really bad year for Hemorrhagic Dengue, the worst in 30 yrs. BUT, NOPE!!! We were lucky and it was just a flu. As of this morning he is still slow going but not coughing up buckets of mucus and is sleeping through the night again.

Now don't go gettin all "SEE THAT PLACE CAN KILL YA" on me! I have read about EEE in Western MI and West Nile all over the US. Its no worse here then there.

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