Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Horse news

Well beside dealing with the Carriage Companies in Belize City, Trey and I are now producing a "Triple Crown of Endurance Racing" to cover the Holiday season. A 15 miler after Thanksgiving a 20 miler after Christmas and a 25 miler Valentines weekend. Besides 3 placings every race with trophies and cash, there will be a Grand Champion for over all combined points!

We are hoping that starting with a 15 will entice people to enter and are hoping to host a dog show or horse show as well. Wanted to do a mennonite buggy competition but they are to shy about being in the public eye...Darn it!

Need to get an advertising plan together and hit the streets soon to drum up sponsors, won't like that part much but it will need to be done.

I really hope it goes well, it seems to have people excited for sure.

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