Monday, October 24, 2011

TCER more pics!

REIMERS!!! One of our great sponsors had a really nice display and offered lots
of nice products.
Adam-one of our spotters!

Asad our other spotter for the support team.

Isnt this a great shot?

Two of my favorite people...which is a good thing as they are Chucks and my PARTNERS on the TCER and the NBHA!!!

More of the 2nd Annual TCER

Dr. Sylvester Trejo doing a "check in" for Banana Bank Lodge

Cooling down a Banana Bank horse

Joel Neal on track for Banana Bank

Hannah and Lil Bit cruising... this horse loves to do this!

Joel close behind...


Amberlee, Val and Sydney

Chuck and DeNito doing flags

Chuck and DeNito running barrels

Abigail on Sunny

Everybody has improved in the past five weeks. We had a few rain out/bridge flooded cancelled lessons, but I think we will do even better on the 5th! Not sure Chuck can deal with a "tuned up" DeNito...hehehee..I have been riding him while Chuck was gone.

Sabrina on Milton...


The kids are doing so well, a few are even cantering home and we have high hopes for next year...

Sydney on Mr. Brown

Valerie on DeNito

Junior on Mr. Brown

Estuardo on Milton

Random pics from through out the day

Trey picked up our CD from Johnathan Cariddi and they are FABULOUS!!! We are putting more on our web site as well. Some folks have trouble getting the site to come up but if you type it your regular internet bar instead of Google or yahoo you should find it.

Chrissy Tupper and Fred

One of the fabulous trails for the TCER

Hannah taking a victory lap!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2nd Annual TCER

Click on pics and see our awesome Banner Sponsors~and you can see we were a little soggy in the awards presentation. More pics as soon as I get the CD from Johanthon

Hannah Pershing was 1st on Lil Bit (last yrs TCER Champ) and Cesar Xi rode for Banana Bank and was 2nd and Joel Neal also rode for Banana Bank and was 3rd! Chrissy Tupper also competed and earned a point. Thanks for competing you guys!