Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sorry you may have to figure some pics out, the dang words just wont cooperate!

More Triple Crown Endurance Race and Open Horse Show

The crowd kept chanting..."MARJIE, MARJIE" so of course I had to do it! LOL!!! Oh and I won it. But had a great horse to ride.

Israel...or aka RASTA MAN or aka HORSEMEN! Great guy and a hell of a horseman.
This was start of the 2nd race-20 miler-Gabe Baron, Hannah Pleshing and Santiago Juan leading the way.

Aaron Beavis and Gabe in race #1. Aaron and his folks have a great resort called MET just up the road form LRF.
Santiago Juan and his Arabian Stallion Bedouin...

One of the kids who our clown face painted and did some balloon art!

Cooling off at vet checks and one of the passes on the trail. Our 5 mile laps were really nice trails, the Belize Equestrian Academy has some amazing trails available.

Our TRIPLE CROWN ENDURANCE RACES that Trey Roberson and I have put on are fabulous!!! Belize has never seen such a fun, well run horse event!

These are from the Open Horse Show after the 20 mile race. Ill put more on as I can.