Sunday, August 28, 2011

Yup...its the rainy season...or MUDDY SEASON

I do not hink I have ever had a horse EVER get this muddy...ever...

More of the Dinky

Bossing her big brother around all ready

Loves her Winnie

Day two...

Dinky Donkey...the latest addition

Now those are some flags...uhm I mean ears!
Wrestling with Winnie

She loves her new daddy

Will she grow into that head?

Monday, August 1, 2011


October 1st is the 20 miler November 5th is the 25

December 10th-30 miles dates are subject to Hurricane issues

Beaner and Momma dog

Munyecka or Momma Dog is the cutest sweetest lil girl..till she hunts, then she is a killing machine! Takes down quash and bush dogs three times her size.

"Yeah baby lets roll, I got yur back" .

Killah Beans face when Mommy leaves him home...awww poor baby, he goes everywhere just like Whoopi did.

My wonderful BIG MAN...Hub

He is such a good sport, Chuck teases him like a lil brother

He was in total disbelief that I was trimming Chicatta in HIS STALL!

HE LOVES MANGOS! But learned to walk over and bump the tree with his hip and they will drop a few...Like the Budwieser commercial

He came to see what I was doing, hoping to let him out and run the farm

I still cant believe I got this humming bird in action...we have 100's but hard to get on film they are so fast.

Nice size Boa the boys found while chopping, we left her alone and covered her with a bannana palm and then she ate a fox cub in the middle of the day.

So many people think having a Coati Mundi or Quash, are fun as pets, they actually get really ornery, specially if they are males, even neutered...they have teeth and claws that can devastate a dog or a person and sozens end up getting shot or turned in to the Zoo, cute as babies but no fun as adults...IT IS A WILD ANIMAL FOLKS!