Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The time is showing 8:17, when it is actually 9:17 here. Yet, we are two hours different from our NC time zone. Hmmm...

Ok, totally different subject...

So, learning to cook on gas is not the funnest thing I have ever accomplished, and learning on an almost toy stove (those of you w/campers will relate), but I am getting better every day. I have breakfast down to a science, eggs, meat and toast, fruit. (On weekends I do these combinations of an omellete breakfast fajita that is really yummy.) The toast, mind you is done on a griddle pan with a touch of olive oil. And let me tell ya, my French Toast, is wonderful.

Lunches, when we take the time to even do em, is standard sandwich and fruit and occasionally if I splurged, Pringles chip. Salt and Vinegar on the average.

Dinners are most often eaten with Tom and Marge. And I may never equal the culinary extravaganza Marge can whip up, but on the weeks that they have been able to go play (first time in 3.5 yrs), and I am doing our own cooking, it is turning out pretty scrumptious.

Fajitas, steaks, awesome spaghetti, chicken, etc. Pan fried potatoes with onion and peppers. Steamed green beans. We are so thrilled we brought the grill and even more thrilled we didn't pay duty on it. We expected to pay up to $500.00. Nope! nada. Thank you Dennis from Steven Kuhylen, best broker in Belize.

The hardest part is keeping things fresh and buying ahead. Having a toy frig as well, I cant do major shopping with out knowing what will fit. So far, so good. No real waste. But keep in mind going into town is like Grayling to Traverse city time wise and Geris road in the worst condition is better then what we drive. Or...Sherrills Ford to Huntersville, and really, you all have probably never been on a road like this in your life. Or...Williamston to Howell with taking the dirt part of Zimmer all the way in winter. You get the idea? So we try for no more then once, and occasionally twice a week.

Oh yeah and the fact that you go through a set of tires a year doing all of 3500 to 4500 miles and gas is $8.17- $8.30 a gal BZ. $4.08 to 4.15 U.S.

OK change of subject again. So after we fixed the water main break and had 1 tank to push up...we have not had water in 3 days from the city, no water till today, and that was rain. Yup...
Belize can be a bit of a challenge. So then when Nock, who has been so great with our dogs, really a good girl (she is known to be hell on wheels and a little snit w/others and does not play nicely unless you consider her hanging off a neck or lip fun) pee'd on the bed while we were on the laptops, and I had to do 4 loads of laundry to get ready for Tom and Marges arrival home tomorrow, we were THRILLED it rained enough to push at least a third of the 1000 gallon tank here on the main ground up to the cisterns on the mountain, which is where our water comes from. So...clean bed for the owners of Moonracer, (all though they were dryer dried not line dried, sorry Marge it was night) enough water to hose out kennel and we are good!

Ok, last load done, time for bed. We usually hit the hay around 9:30, 10:00 at the latest.

Try this again...TIMBER!

just like the last video in this group, of the huge Cohune nut tree, Chuck just stands there and watches it drop...right beside him. Little did he know that scorpions love to live in those trees. We had several big uns visit that week.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Never mind...

They don't seem to be there now. Hmmmm.

Sorry for the double videos

The Doubles...I have no clue what happened and can not delete them in edit... Then when I tried to download the last tree going down, the one Reuben was climbing, it will not take it and comes up with an error! Oh well. Sorry.

Reuben coming down

Reuben Style

How about some pics other then the races, and a couple of videos TIMBER!

One of the views on our riding trail
Hows that for a midevil torture tool?

It belongs on this centipede. Sorry but he was dead when I remembered to take photos. And no I do not feel too bad about this bug dieing.

They dress up the bridge out of San Ignacio for holidays, it was very pretty to drive through.

Bella found this grasshopper on our steps, it was darn near as long as her beautiful nose.

Rained out of the races

Louis (Whoopis best buddy) and the Poo go for a stroll.

Bella chomping hopper!

White caterpillar head. Hard to believe they turn into such gorgeous butterflies!

This is a smaller one only about 2.75 inches Ive seen them upto 4".

As for the races...
We left late and by the time we got 2/3rds of the way to Burrel Boom, it was a wall of water. So...we turned around and went to Mr. Greedys Too for Buffalo Wings and a salad, oh and a few cocktails of course.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Don't forget to look at older posts.

If you do not go to the older posts, you will miss the Boa Constrictor videos and other fun pics.

Chuck and the mayor of El Progresso-Julio, pulled her out of her den so we could move her. Over 7 foot and 25 pounds and sounds like a flame thrower! Chuck was on the tail trying to hold her and she was like arm wrestling a WWF guy. Unbelieveable strength. Take a look! Sometimes better the second time through.

Another day in the jungle!

So...when you hear a tree fall in the jungle...GO LOOK AT THE WATER LINES!!! CRAP! A huge limb fell on a lower part of the pipe yesterday and yanked the whole thing about 8 inches and split the T in half. We had enough water in the Wicked to not need to turn the hose on and other then making dog food, we didnt need it at Moonracer, so we never noticed till I went to hose out the kennel. All 800 gallons went down the Temple into the marl stone. Oh woe is us, water is precious. Now keep in mind, Marge and Tom are on a little outing with friends to Cancun. But, have no fear, my man got it all fixed and we had water in the lower tank to pump and should have more tonight. Thank goodness it is almost the rainy season. They often have to really watch the water use here as they get it from the "city" but half the time the city doesnt have it if its dry. Moonracer went close to 3 weeks with no water last year, they had to go to another town and get it from the river.

Been super busy at Blancaneaux. For those of you who do not know, that is a resort, one of four, owned by Francis Ford Copolla, the director. They have a nice stable with the resort and asked me to take over and get things up to snuff. They also have a batch of yearlings, two and three year olds who need some serious handling. And of course trimming and shoeing 20 will keep me hopping as well. Plus, I have met several others that are interested in my services. Looks like I may have to put Shotzy Tails off for a bit longer, Im gonna have a busy year. How nice!

Chuck is doing great, but has overworked himself. He hung with the palapa builders like a Belizian and then again with the three that continued on to clear the area of dead vines and itchy stuff. It is going to be beautiful, ecspecially after the real grass comes back up. I made him slow down and now we have a 3 day weekend of doing only Moonracer chores and some down time.

We are getting a shed built and delivered, $28.00 BZ thats $14.00 U.S. a square foot, hardwood, double doors in front and two windows. I need a tack and farrier shed and then we will move it with us once Marge and Tom kick the Wickeds ugly bumpers outta the fairy land we live in. Oh yeah, we also have to have a 24' fence built because Charles decided to create his own way of revamping the design of the palapa and put the Wicked in sideways. Now granted we have a lot more living area, but the whole side is like a big 70's billboard on Route 66. So...he gets to put a fence up to the windows and hide the aluminum monster.

Bella is a friggin hoot in the jungle!!! She LOVES all the vines and downed palms and wrestles and runs and jumps and holy mackeral is she fast! But the lizards have not lost a life yet, they give her quite a workout though and I am sure one of these times she will be victorious.

Poozie is doing ok. We had a scare when the meds I couldnt get here, took a while to get here from the U.S. and she started going down hill. Marge and I researched what we needed and helped with diet and got her through, but even though she picked up after going back on the meds, she is failing, I know it, and I sit here with tears as I even think of it. I can not thank the good lord enough for my wonderful little girl who will be 16 in November. For those of you who have never met Whoop De Doo, you have missed out on knowing a truly precious soul. My biggest hope would be she makes it to next year and can be in our wedding. Doubtful, but I can pray for a small miracle.

I will have pics of the horse races in Burrel Boom to post and hopefully good news about our water situation later this week. This weekend is Belizes Independence Day on Monday. Tons of festivities all over the place. Every little town has a parade and is done up. Colors are red, white and blue, feels like home even more.

I must tell you, all though we have MUCH to learn about the ways of Belize, both Chuck and I have felt like we are home since we got here. As much as we miss our friends, NC and Mich, we are where we are meant to be.

Till next safe, be happy and get your passports!

Friday, September 18, 2009

LORDY! It has been a busy month!

All of the pics have quick misspelled captioned and not much explanation. But honestly its so hard to try being on the system at the same time the Gallaghers are, we just don't get a whole lot done. They have been so fabulous about letting us share everything, even their bedroom at nights when they are exhausted and we are on the laptops, in the bedroom, or occasionally at the dining room table. So... we are looking into spending the bucks and getting our own system. WE SHALL SEE..

More photos and all though you may not really care, more text, coming soon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking to be sure Momma is coming too!
Going down was easier.

Momma Dog says she can do it all by herself

Its a good view from up here.

Whoopi helping daddy get his tools ready for a small repair job.
Sapodilla Falls, where we rode with Whoopi

Alligator Gecko

Recona wants a lift too!

Sappodilla falls after a 2.5 hr ride with the Poo on board.

Poo on her throne.
This was a blast, and Poozie loved it. She rode the whole 5 hours.
Bella watching the guys nap on lunch break.
It almost looks like a church.

This is the front peak, with the Cohune palm on.

Prior ro palm.

The palms halved and prepped.
Decided a lil break from palapa pics. You may have to look close at this one!
Normal evening drive before Cristo Rey. They are herded by a mennonite girl on a bike with a stick.

Our little "Tara". She wsa so tiny, I was tempted to keep her, but I was good and set her free. The croc is a size 6.

The flower is the size of my thumb or smaller.

Bella loves the mud...hates the chain.
Isnt this great? It has the twist from a vine choking it while it grew.
The guys working

Looks big huh?

Those were not easy to get up there.

another vine twist.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So much to tell you and not enough time. This is the rainy season, but its been really nice during the days, an occassional shower, but usually its at night. We are anxious to be in the "Palapa Castle" as we wont have to run for vents and windows every time it rains.

I have more to download, but it does take a while, so they will be later.

John and Beth Roberson hosted a wonderful brunch on Sunday and Chuck and I got a chance to meet lots of new folks, even Marge and Tom met a few new ones. John, Chuck and I stole out to the barn and saw his horses and cows for a while. He has some old Easy Jet and Pie in the Sky lines. A couple of really classy horses.
Poles prior to stripping
Tom is usually smiling.

You can not tell how big it is, but its huge! 30' deep by 20' wide. And 27' high. It is quite awe inspiring.

My Monkey man chillin.

Gives you a little bit of perspective.

The last two days have been cuttin palms, Cohune nut palms to use for roof. Now they are splitting them in half and will start laying and tieing in tomorrow with plans to be done Friday, a week early.
Click on for a bigger view and you will see Hulio at the peak-27' high, and Reuben helping out. No belts, no nets, not exactly OSHA approved.
Hanging high!

Thats my lil Monkey Man, barefoot and up on the cross beams drilling. Chuck was amazing up there, he loved it.

Toes are working!

Just cruising right across. LORDY!

All of the wood poles have been cut from the jungle, dragged here, stripped here, and 90% by hand. They had one chain saw, one drill, one sawzall. AMAZING! And will have it done in two weeks. They are not used to having GRINGO Bosses work with them. And are really appreciative of Chuck and Tom.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wholly Mackeral! These guys are amazing!

Ok I don't have the gadget to transfer the pics tonight as we are at Tom and Marges dining room table instead of dealing with bugs under the canopy. (The Wicked is like a tank and won't let transmition in), but, you can go to and see some great photos, and I will post mine of "Monkey Boy", barefoot 15 feet in the air being a total jungle dude. He was in his glory! Chuck actually handed Rudy a machete in his toes so he could reach it. Rudy was like "what the hell"! But it worked. And no I did not get that shot. The Palapa is down right friggn amazing! It's huge and really neat with the combination of old style build with the help of a chainsaw-drill-sawzall. You'll understand what I mean when you see the pics.

My Work Permit which should of been done 3-4 weeks ago has dissapeared from the Belize office so I had to start over, OH BUMMER! 2-3 MORE WEEKS before I can work. SO SAD!

I gotta start working out. Marge is such an amazing cook, its like eating in a 4 star restaurant every night. I'm not kidding, its fabulous. And since I am not working...I need to be doing something. Keeping the Wicked clean, working Bella, and driving over insanely rocky 4 wheel roads is just not enough.

Whoopi is doing OK. She sleeps alot, and cuddles and gets motivated twice a day, but honestly, Im just thankful shes still here and made the trip so great. My biggest hope is she can come back to the US with us for our wedding. VEGAS! We decided Vegas would be an easier access, cheaper and quicker for everyone. Then whenever anyone wants to come to Belize they can come and we can spend more time with everyone. And both sides of our families love Vegas. The only bummer is that Tom and Marge won't be able to come. They can't go anywhere together, unless Chuck and I are at the Moonracer Farm. So...

Richard Shook, Bellas and my trainer from NC comes October 1st, for a few days. We intend to work and have fun. Bella needs a tune up, I NEED IT MORE. She is awesome on prong and leash, but flips me the paw when off.

I have a great article in the Belize Ag Report. Will be a regular contributor every other month. John and Beth Roberson are hosting a brunch for us on Sunday and I will have a chance to meet some very special folks. And Marge and Tom will get a chance to meet new folks as well. It should be a lovely afternoon. i am really looking forward to it.

Most of you know that I am a girly girl at heart, (Marge had nicknamed me "Cowgirl Barbie" after the first time we met), so you can believe how happy it makes me that I can be in skirts and a decent top to go to town and that it is totally appropriate. Then again, if I went in my lil boys skater shorts and a tank top, no one would care either, but it gives me an excuse to be a girl again, and earrings and rings are fine!

There is so much to tell you, and Ive been better about photos and videos then typing, which you probably all prefer any way. But I am going to try to update more often.

I will say this...we love our lives. This adventure is amazing and we are so happy to be sharing it together and have our girls with us. I don't miss my own horses, well ok, that is not totally true, but I am riding Moonracers horses and Elfie, the filly, and Esmerelda, the gray mare, and I are becoming good teams.

We do miss you all, but hope you come and see us, I know you will find this country amazing.