Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another day in the jungle!

So...when you hear a tree fall in the jungle...GO LOOK AT THE WATER LINES!!! CRAP! A huge limb fell on a lower part of the pipe yesterday and yanked the whole thing about 8 inches and split the T in half. We had enough water in the Wicked to not need to turn the hose on and other then making dog food, we didnt need it at Moonracer, so we never noticed till I went to hose out the kennel. All 800 gallons went down the Temple into the marl stone. Oh woe is us, water is precious. Now keep in mind, Marge and Tom are on a little outing with friends to Cancun. But, have no fear, my man got it all fixed and we had water in the lower tank to pump and should have more tonight. Thank goodness it is almost the rainy season. They often have to really watch the water use here as they get it from the "city" but half the time the city doesnt have it if its dry. Moonracer went close to 3 weeks with no water last year, they had to go to another town and get it from the river.

Been super busy at Blancaneaux. For those of you who do not know, that is a resort, one of four, owned by Francis Ford Copolla, the director. They have a nice stable with the resort and asked me to take over and get things up to snuff. They also have a batch of yearlings, two and three year olds who need some serious handling. And of course trimming and shoeing 20 will keep me hopping as well. Plus, I have met several others that are interested in my services. Looks like I may have to put Shotzy Tails off for a bit longer, Im gonna have a busy year. How nice!

Chuck is doing great, but has overworked himself. He hung with the palapa builders like a Belizian and then again with the three that continued on to clear the area of dead vines and itchy stuff. It is going to be beautiful, ecspecially after the real grass comes back up. I made him slow down and now we have a 3 day weekend of doing only Moonracer chores and some down time.

We are getting a shed built and delivered, $28.00 BZ thats $14.00 U.S. a square foot, hardwood, double doors in front and two windows. I need a tack and farrier shed and then we will move it with us once Marge and Tom kick the Wickeds ugly bumpers outta the fairy land we live in. Oh yeah, we also have to have a 24' fence built because Charles decided to create his own way of revamping the design of the palapa and put the Wicked in sideways. Now granted we have a lot more living area, but the whole side is like a big 70's billboard on Route 66. So...he gets to put a fence up to the windows and hide the aluminum monster.

Bella is a friggin hoot in the jungle!!! She LOVES all the vines and downed palms and wrestles and runs and jumps and holy mackeral is she fast! But the lizards have not lost a life yet, they give her quite a workout though and I am sure one of these times she will be victorious.

Poozie is doing ok. We had a scare when the meds I couldnt get here, took a while to get here from the U.S. and she started going down hill. Marge and I researched what we needed and helped with diet and got her through, but even though she picked up after going back on the meds, she is failing, I know it, and I sit here with tears as I even think of it. I can not thank the good lord enough for my wonderful little girl who will be 16 in November. For those of you who have never met Whoop De Doo, you have missed out on knowing a truly precious soul. My biggest hope would be she makes it to next year and can be in our wedding. Doubtful, but I can pray for a small miracle.

I will have pics of the horse races in Burrel Boom to post and hopefully good news about our water situation later this week. This weekend is Belizes Independence Day on Monday. Tons of festivities all over the place. Every little town has a parade and is done up. Colors are red, white and blue, feels like home even more.

I must tell you, all though we have MUCH to learn about the ways of Belize, both Chuck and I have felt like we are home since we got here. As much as we miss our friends, NC and Mich, we are where we are meant to be.

Till next safe, be happy and get your passports!

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