Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Seems like other photos in the news lately...but no raid here!

Fires are a ways off but it is unsettling none the less...Ash and smoke make it dirty and tough to breathe, the one rain we had gotten last week, filled the cistern for the horses with about 3" of ash with the water...water is precious to us and having it be wasted stinks!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Random pics

My colorful Puppy...

and check out that wide load!


Ag Fair

The first pic is the Champion class-the beast on the left won Grand. The other three were from his class.


He is in a growth spurt and looked alil thin but he is soooo handsome. AND he was a total ham, loved all the attention in his stall and licked kids and begged for treats. The plan will be to show him for the next few years, hopefully take Grand Champion Bull at some point...

Funniest thing at the Ag Fair was my sliding off the synthetic saddle in the barrel race...IT WAS SOO FUNNY! I was laughing before I hit the ground. 47 yrs of showing and I had never come off in an arena...Trying to be really light handed as he was in a old style curb and is usually in a lil snaffle, owner p.od at his cowboys, but I thought it would be ok...I now know if I am in a saddle to big for me, and its synthetic, I NEED THE HORN! Im not even 100% sure what happened. I know he popped up as I had just sat and put weight to the outside, went to turn and just kept going. LORD WHAT A HOOT! I bounced back up, got on and re turned the 2nd barrel then had a great third barrel. Must say not the way I had hoped to start out my barrel career in Belize, but hey it can only get better now!

JR...aka #84

My AWESOME BABY BOY!!! Im sneaking him his favorite treat...knick named by locals "Nut butt plug" had my pockets stuffed with him in case he got anxious...Oh yeah and had forgotten my clean show jeans to change into so ran to the first tent that had jeans-$5, squashed myself into them, and they are now my lil gal friends Hannahs, but at least they were clean!