Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't forget to look at old posts

You'll see Poozie and the Wicked and get the rundown of who we are.

That strawberry so looks like Pluto from Disney

He was tasty too!
This was the path that was macheted in for the surveyors. I had done one on the other side with Marcello on an earlier trip, but not as clean as this one. We will have the whole area cleared by hand only when the time comes. It is amazing to me that so many people BULLDOZE their property, oh my lordy, I just dont get that.

Assorted pics I wanted to share

The property in Warree Bight, ocean side, water is clear and shallow a long way out
A little buddy that visited my shower at Marge and Toms

That is so "Pluto" and I have an even better one!

Bella wearing her boxers during her "girlie time"

My friend Teri and Will, her boyfriend (arent they both beautiful!). All though rumor has it she is going to start dating 2 legged guys.
The rain has stopped, I am going to ride and do lessons!!! Warm and muggy, good, gets us prepped for Belize. Speaking of that, you had better get your passports ready if you plan to visit.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Whoopi loves her family!

Lucas Winter 08-09
Ruby as a baby!

Jewel and Lucas at Disney 09

What a cute Cowgirl!

Whoopi: HA HA HA!!! Bella just got in trouble for eating one of moms shoes! I love it when that happens! How dumb can you be? She took it out of the closet, while mom was listening to the video on U Tube of Susan Boyle and was totally oblivious! OOOHHHH did she get it when the video was over. Ha, serves her right the silly pup!

Hey guess what? Our friend David Reutimann, ( Ilove him-he gives the best back scratches) won a big race here in Charlotte today. Dad and Mom were hooting and hollering and all excited for him, guess the rain had a purpose after all.

Speaking of Reutimanns, Emilia and her new pony Willow did a fantastic job at the Barrel Race at Cole Creek this weekend. The fastest they have ever run! No breaks, smooth and ran home, it was amazing! Everybody noticed how much they had improved. And Debbie and Missy did a really nice pattern, a lot of NC people are wondering where that mare came from. WE KNOW! She was Kelseys and is now Deb's! Mom really knows how to match up horse to human. And Megan and Molly, WOW, they are gonna do so great at the World Show this year! We get to go and be there and I have a hunch they will both make the finals, just my well trained opinion, but...I am usually right about these things.

The Olson family reunion was really fun. We saw a lot of folks we dont usually see. Mom got a little wierded out about Meem being gone and knowing that she wouldnt see Lucas and Jewel and Geri very often for a while, but it was still great. But...I HATE MICHIGAN WEATHER!!! We froze up there! Thank goodness Mom took my coat or I would have been a Poo sickle!

I have heard a rumor that Mom may be giving Puppy away. OH MY HEAVENS COULD I BE THAT LUCKY? She has said things like "I know Whoopi would be happier", WELL DUH! and "Poo has gotten older since I got Puppy!" Well DUH again! Ok I have actually gotten a year older, but that dang screeching just frazzles me and I cant help the shaking and stuff, so maybe I do look a little older, so what. But...if it means that Mom will give that feathered freak away, then GOOD! I don't care if I look boney! It was worth all the calorie burning I've done this past year. But she also says Puppy has to really like this lady, or its a no go. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I hope this lady is someone Puppy thinks is cool.

I could start our new life in Belize fresh with out a feathered freak! Sigh, oh yeah, that would be heavenly.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Saying good bye to family! :(

Bella: I got to meet a bunch of mom's family. Neat group of folks. Especially the two "Mollys" one was Herb and Cindy's big girl, a Chesapeak cross and a 105 lber, jeez, she made me look small. And then there was little Molly, well, not really little as she is a Golden Retriever, but I got to play with big Molly at the river and lil Molly at the lake and it was wonderful!

I got to see Lucas and Jewel again too. I LOVE THOSE GUYS!!! They are such good nieces and nephews. And then there were a WHOLE BUNCH of other ones too, all sizes and shapes and smells. Nellie is sooo cute, my nose was a perfect fit for her eye sockets.

Mom told Dad, (Chuck) it was harder then she expected to see every one. Something about Meem. Whoopi will have to explain that one. All I know is I had a blast and Poo and I loved the Toyota 4Runner, we had even more room then the XC90.

Whoopi says she will write tomorrow, she wants to go shoeing with Mom....Shoeing hey wait for me!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Isn't she fun!!!

I know! I'm LOVELY!!!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

Poozies favorite pose!

The "Wicked has an ugly side"

you cant tell but it has golf ball size hail dents all over the passenger side. Its just adds character! :)

The beginning

Bella: Wow, it is fairly easy, just follow directions! If mom can do this, then I think even Whoopi could do it.

I was born in PA and Mom picked me up right after Christmas when I was 4 months old. LONG drive back for my first time in a car, but I only threw up once, it was a gallon, but only once. I have been told that I am beautiful, smart, funny and bit of a dork.

The dork part I have been assured is only due to my being a baby and that I will out grow it. I really hope so, some of the silly things I do, like falling down stairs or wipping out while Im running are not very fun.

I have also been told that I am for "Protection" and that is why I am going through the Schutzhund classes with Richard Shook. Besides my Dad, he is the most amazing man! I get all silly and wiggly and whine when I see him because we have so much fun together, I hear im pretty good for my age.

I think tracking is really cool and obedience is ok, but the Bite Work is a blast! Thats when I get to get personal with Richard. He is German Shepherd guy, but Im winning him over to the Dobie side too.

The Wicked is in the shop getting new rear brakes and the gas tanks cleaned, along with a bunch of other stuff. We won't be able to cruise to MI with it cuz it wont be ready. IM SO BUMMED! I love sitting in the dinette seat and watching traffic go by. We are usually in the right hand lane, Dad says it safer there. And the 74 FJ40 is in Texas still.

So I guess we take the XC90 to the family reunion. Oh well, its such a big back end, I dont mind.We came home from Orlando driving the Wicked and pulling the 2000 lb car hauler and never knew we only had front breaks. It stopped great, even with Dad driving like a nascar driver. But when the guys put it on the floor of the garage, it slid and that made them check it. The rear brakes were disconnected and capped off. Must be good front brakes, huh?

Whoopi hogs the hump where the engine is in the front, warm and cozy and right between Mom and Dad. So after trying several spots, I decided I liked the dinette best. I can sit up and look out, or pout and put my head on the table or lounge back and put my head on Dads seat and snuffle his hair or ears, (I love surprising him that way) or just crash and nap. It's a pretty cool place to hang out.

Whoopi: Silly puppy! Of course I get the cozy warm spot, I am the Queen after all. Bela has been here a couple of months, sheez, I always get first dibs, will she ever figure that out? That's why I sleep in bed with the folks and she gets her bed on the floor! Where she belongs. She is so darn big, she would knock me clean out of the bed if she were allowed up there. I am a 15 yr old Jack Russel. Not the usual, bouncy barking chasing ball type. Not at all. I honestly don't get why any one would waste that much energy chasing something you can not eat. My mother picked me out when I was only 2 days of age and she is fond of telling people how lucky she is to have chosen me.

I have had 3 litters of wonderful puppies. But...the first litter I was not thrilled with. They were breech, so they hurt, they were slimy and stunk and they had the indecency to suck on me. I tried to get rid of them, but Mother stayed with me and made me spend time with them and nurse. Being a momma turned out to be ok and by the third litter I was an old pro and didnt even need my Mother, she was busy riding so I went and had all six in the shavings pile. I showed her didn't I?

We have had an amazing 15 yrs together and I plan on being around for another 6 or 7,as I want to beat that silly old Dachsund thing that holds the world record at 21. And I will, just wait and see.
I will say the Wicked was a great idea for our adventure. I even hang out in it during the day in the drive way, so I can get away from that dang bird screeching. I know Mom loves her, but I don't get it. Yes she is pretty, (don't let her know I said that please), but she poops a lot, destroys things and lets out the worst screams! I personally think she is useless. AND I think Dad does too! I wish she were staying in NC.

Puppy: "HI"! My print is in bold orange, cuz Sun Conures are a tad loud! And, I like to be different. I am funny and personable and very lovely!! I am yellow and orange or at times, orange and yellow with a green tail and blue tinged wings and tail. I think I am a hoot! And demand a lot of attention, which I get.

I will NOT stay in NC, I will be coming to Belize as well. I can not wait, I will actually see some of my heritage, well, kinda sorta, and I will probably be the prettiest bird in Belize.

Marjie: the typer of this blog. Mother of all four footers, fiance' of Chuck, secondary driver of the Wicked and usually the one with the common sense, unless it comes to the animals. Also the one who started the Belize thing!

Chuck: The Dad part of this family. The main driver of the Wicked and general fix it guy. The best toy Beluador has, and Whoopis favorite man, (Marjies too). The Fiance' guy. Join us all, as we plan our final two months before the big move and then follow us on our exciting adventure.