Thursday, May 21, 2009

Saying good bye to family! :(

Bella: I got to meet a bunch of mom's family. Neat group of folks. Especially the two "Mollys" one was Herb and Cindy's big girl, a Chesapeak cross and a 105 lber, jeez, she made me look small. And then there was little Molly, well, not really little as she is a Golden Retriever, but I got to play with big Molly at the river and lil Molly at the lake and it was wonderful!

I got to see Lucas and Jewel again too. I LOVE THOSE GUYS!!! They are such good nieces and nephews. And then there were a WHOLE BUNCH of other ones too, all sizes and shapes and smells. Nellie is sooo cute, my nose was a perfect fit for her eye sockets.

Mom told Dad, (Chuck) it was harder then she expected to see every one. Something about Meem. Whoopi will have to explain that one. All I know is I had a blast and Poo and I loved the Toyota 4Runner, we had even more room then the XC90.

Whoopi says she will write tomorrow, she wants to go shoeing with Mom....Shoeing hey wait for me!

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