Monday, May 25, 2009

Whoopi loves her family!

Lucas Winter 08-09
Ruby as a baby!

Jewel and Lucas at Disney 09

What a cute Cowgirl!

Whoopi: HA HA HA!!! Bella just got in trouble for eating one of moms shoes! I love it when that happens! How dumb can you be? She took it out of the closet, while mom was listening to the video on U Tube of Susan Boyle and was totally oblivious! OOOHHHH did she get it when the video was over. Ha, serves her right the silly pup!

Hey guess what? Our friend David Reutimann, ( Ilove him-he gives the best back scratches) won a big race here in Charlotte today. Dad and Mom were hooting and hollering and all excited for him, guess the rain had a purpose after all.

Speaking of Reutimanns, Emilia and her new pony Willow did a fantastic job at the Barrel Race at Cole Creek this weekend. The fastest they have ever run! No breaks, smooth and ran home, it was amazing! Everybody noticed how much they had improved. And Debbie and Missy did a really nice pattern, a lot of NC people are wondering where that mare came from. WE KNOW! She was Kelseys and is now Deb's! Mom really knows how to match up horse to human. And Megan and Molly, WOW, they are gonna do so great at the World Show this year! We get to go and be there and I have a hunch they will both make the finals, just my well trained opinion, but...I am usually right about these things.

The Olson family reunion was really fun. We saw a lot of folks we dont usually see. Mom got a little wierded out about Meem being gone and knowing that she wouldnt see Lucas and Jewel and Geri very often for a while, but it was still great. But...I HATE MICHIGAN WEATHER!!! We froze up there! Thank goodness Mom took my coat or I would have been a Poo sickle!

I have heard a rumor that Mom may be giving Puppy away. OH MY HEAVENS COULD I BE THAT LUCKY? She has said things like "I know Whoopi would be happier", WELL DUH! and "Poo has gotten older since I got Puppy!" Well DUH again! Ok I have actually gotten a year older, but that dang screeching just frazzles me and I cant help the shaking and stuff, so maybe I do look a little older, so what. But...if it means that Mom will give that feathered freak away, then GOOD! I don't care if I look boney! It was worth all the calorie burning I've done this past year. But she also says Puppy has to really like this lady, or its a no go. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I hope this lady is someone Puppy thinks is cool.

I could start our new life in Belize fresh with out a feathered freak! Sigh, oh yeah, that would be heavenly.

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