Saturday, July 17, 2010

Galen University Vet Students

Students from the U.S. Vet Schools came to Belize for an international exchange. Dr. Edwardo Tesecum is their instructor while here and he asked if I could do a session with the girls. We had a great day and the girls felt they learned a lot with my session in the morning. Then we treated them to a trail ride and lunch. It was a treat for me as well as I had never been on the BEA's trail. Really nice ride! We had total novice to experienced and all had a great ride.

Tre and Nolbert took us out and it was beautiful. All of the BEA horses were so well behaved, Im getting to know each one a little more each week. Tre has a nice string of horses. For trails and lessons.

Lunch was total BZ style, Rice n Beans and Chicken, fried plantains and cabbage slaw. Made and served up by Joan and Yolanda of the Barn N Grill. The new restaurant at the BEA is really doing well and I think its going to become a pretty popular place along the highway.

BZ Critters 2

How cool is this lime green sci-fi pillar? Check out his spines when irritated, guess he didnt like his pic taken. Click on picture to really see how unique he is!

This beautiful guy was all most 5 foot in length, but really thin bodied. He is a green headed racer. Or at least as close as we can figure with our cards...we need a good snake book. Doesn't he look as though he is laughing?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This snail was on our water jug, he was beautiful...

I think was some sort of Locust. The big ol spear off his fanny was actually soft.

I call this the Halloween bug, yeah cool till I realized he was eatin my Monkey pod tree, and about 30 of his siblings. needless to say, SMUSH!

If your a new visitor...

Be sure to check out last yr's August post and watch the boa video. VERY FUN!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


WOOOHOOO DAVID REUTIMANN!!!! The best NASCAR Daddy there is!!!

The Reutimann family are some of our best friends from NC. You know I trust them as they were allowed to buy Shotzy for Emilia. These are folks we miss a bunch. We were so tickled that they made it to the wedding. We have lots of great stories, like Lisa and Emi getting Christmas horses, (best christmas gift David ever did). The nicest part is that the Reutimann family is just a really 'nice' family. They are real and not all "We're NASCAR and your not". He is known to be one of the "nicest guys" on the track and we agree. Trust me...I have worked with others in the industry, that I woul NOT consider "real people" or "nice". So I know how lucky I was to be able to share part of my life with them.
The picture is of Emilia playing with Willows tail. (Her barrel pony). Since we moved last year, Lisa has gone on to show her new gelding Amigo in Western Pleasure and Emi shows him Walk Trot and thanks to Shaw's Performance Horses, are doing fantastic.
So our biggest smiles and long distance hugs go out to the REUTIMANN FAMILY, and we are so happy for Davids VICTORY in Chicago, CONGRATULATIONS DADDY!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Killah Bean no longer has his beans!

That previous post was his attmept to help me and it posted 5 times, I have no idea what he hit. He is very sore and really wants to cuddle.
Dr. Burns is close to a US type vet u can find! Real surgery room, real sterilized packs. He went through three pairs of rubber gloves on Killahs neuter! HE SHAVED AND CLEANED AREA WITH ALCOHOL AND BETADINE!!! I LOVE THIS MAN!
The first pic is his ice pack we used on and off all night. He is very swollen, still looks like his beans are there, but by afternoon today was out cruising the farm with us.


Friday, July 2, 2010


Cool enough last night for a sheet to start but finished with the fan. Today is overcast and real breezy. We love how breezy it is on our bluff. But we really are low for the rain count, farmers planted a month ago and then, not enough rain since.


Chuck looking at our seasonal pond, the grass had been cut but not picked up yet, now we have a very heavy soggy pond.

The white bells are about 7'" long and lovely but delicate and they dont last very long.

Baby nanners and young oranges! YUM!

More of our lovely LRF! How lucky are we?

Our rd to the driveway, follows our hay field. And two views through the Orchard.

Skulls, skulls and more skulls

Ok, you will have to click on pic to really get what this is. We find skulls of all types of critters around here, most with big teeth or tusks, so I decided to collect them and have them across the Wickeds hood. The big skull is a horse.

Rainy season? NOT!

MMmmmmmm... love our night look! But we need more rain, planted our hay and now-NADA!

Bela got her stitches

Sliced her top pad almost off . Went and got it stitched and it was ding great, for 4 days, then the 5th night she chewed it almost off again. So Im heading to the city vet as I think it may have to be surgically removed. DANG IT!!!