Sunday, July 11, 2010


WOOOHOOO DAVID REUTIMANN!!!! The best NASCAR Daddy there is!!!

The Reutimann family are some of our best friends from NC. You know I trust them as they were allowed to buy Shotzy for Emilia. These are folks we miss a bunch. We were so tickled that they made it to the wedding. We have lots of great stories, like Lisa and Emi getting Christmas horses, (best christmas gift David ever did). The nicest part is that the Reutimann family is just a really 'nice' family. They are real and not all "We're NASCAR and your not". He is known to be one of the "nicest guys" on the track and we agree. Trust me...I have worked with others in the industry, that I woul NOT consider "real people" or "nice". So I know how lucky I was to be able to share part of my life with them.
The picture is of Emilia playing with Willows tail. (Her barrel pony). Since we moved last year, Lisa has gone on to show her new gelding Amigo in Western Pleasure and Emi shows him Walk Trot and thanks to Shaw's Performance Horses, are doing fantastic.
So our biggest smiles and long distance hugs go out to the REUTIMANN FAMILY, and we are so happy for Davids VICTORY in Chicago, CONGRATULATIONS DADDY!!!

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