Saturday, July 17, 2010

Galen University Vet Students

Students from the U.S. Vet Schools came to Belize for an international exchange. Dr. Edwardo Tesecum is their instructor while here and he asked if I could do a session with the girls. We had a great day and the girls felt they learned a lot with my session in the morning. Then we treated them to a trail ride and lunch. It was a treat for me as well as I had never been on the BEA's trail. Really nice ride! We had total novice to experienced and all had a great ride.

Tre and Nolbert took us out and it was beautiful. All of the BEA horses were so well behaved, Im getting to know each one a little more each week. Tre has a nice string of horses. For trails and lessons.

Lunch was total BZ style, Rice n Beans and Chicken, fried plantains and cabbage slaw. Made and served up by Joan and Yolanda of the Barn N Grill. The new restaurant at the BEA is really doing well and I think its going to become a pretty popular place along the highway.

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