Friday, August 6, 2010

Our kids!

The beautiful Miss Puppy, hanging out in the motor home and after a rain bath in the tree outside-which she LOVED! There were birdwatchers here from some tour and Chuck had Pup out like normal, she hangs out with us all the time and is free flight. SO he was down by the gate and she takes off to the mango tree and starts screamng at this car and they all jump out and start snapping pictures!!! HA hahaha...hope they figure out she is not a new breed of Avian to Belize.

Miss Beluador in all her REGAL-ness!
Mr. Killah Bean in all his CUTE-ness!

The LRF Pals...hope Killah won't get to jealous over new babies if we get Bela bred this month!

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