Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ok, totally different subject...

So, learning to cook on gas is not the funnest thing I have ever accomplished, and learning on an almost toy stove (those of you w/campers will relate), but I am getting better every day. I have breakfast down to a science, eggs, meat and toast, fruit. (On weekends I do these combinations of an omellete breakfast fajita that is really yummy.) The toast, mind you is done on a griddle pan with a touch of olive oil. And let me tell ya, my French Toast, is wonderful.

Lunches, when we take the time to even do em, is standard sandwich and fruit and occasionally if I splurged, Pringles chip. Salt and Vinegar on the average.

Dinners are most often eaten with Tom and Marge. And I may never equal the culinary extravaganza Marge can whip up, but on the weeks that they have been able to go play (first time in 3.5 yrs), and I am doing our own cooking, it is turning out pretty scrumptious.

Fajitas, steaks, awesome spaghetti, chicken, etc. Pan fried potatoes with onion and peppers. Steamed green beans. We are so thrilled we brought the grill and even more thrilled we didn't pay duty on it. We expected to pay up to $500.00. Nope! nada. Thank you Dennis from Steven Kuhylen, best broker in Belize.

The hardest part is keeping things fresh and buying ahead. Having a toy frig as well, I cant do major shopping with out knowing what will fit. So far, so good. No real waste. But keep in mind going into town is like Grayling to Traverse city time wise and Geris road in the worst condition is better then what we drive. Or...Sherrills Ford to Huntersville, and really, you all have probably never been on a road like this in your life. Or...Williamston to Howell with taking the dirt part of Zimmer all the way in winter. You get the idea? So we try for no more then once, and occasionally twice a week.

Oh yeah and the fact that you go through a set of tires a year doing all of 3500 to 4500 miles and gas is $8.17- $8.30 a gal BZ. $4.08 to 4.15 U.S.

OK change of subject again. So after we fixed the water main break and had 1 tank to push up...we have not had water in 3 days from the city, no water till today, and that was rain. Yup...
Belize can be a bit of a challenge. So then when Nock, who has been so great with our dogs, really a good girl (she is known to be hell on wheels and a little snit w/others and does not play nicely unless you consider her hanging off a neck or lip fun) pee'd on the bed while we were on the laptops, and I had to do 4 loads of laundry to get ready for Tom and Marges arrival home tomorrow, we were THRILLED it rained enough to push at least a third of the 1000 gallon tank here on the main ground up to the cisterns on the mountain, which is where our water comes from. So...clean bed for the owners of Moonracer, (all though they were dryer dried not line dried, sorry Marge it was night) enough water to hose out kennel and we are good!

Ok, last load done, time for bed. We usually hit the hay around 9:30, 10:00 at the latest.

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  1. Clean sheets are nice, and I don't really care where they're dried!