Saturday, March 19, 2011


What a great end to the TCER! Really thrilling finishes and great competitors. We had three new riders, and they did a great job. Other than the riders, helpers and I got pretty soggy, the weather was doable as the temps were mild.

I want to thank Maruja Vargus for her help at all the events as my time/pulse keeper. The guys Juan and Carlos and Chrissy from Cheers for being cool down crews and Cynthia Reece from Olde Mill for her photos and entry help. Miss Joan, Lisa and Ziri, Nolberto and all the Olde Mill guys, THANKS A BUNCH!!!

And of course Chuck, who takes being called Chuck Olson with a laugh, for all of the support and help and running and being the best "gopher" any one could have. Love ya honey and thanks a million.

Plans for the next Triple Crown are in the works and we hope to have our sponsors back. Uckele from the U.S. was awesome and supported us with product. It was great for me to beable to introduce a company I have believed in for over 20 years to a new group of horsemen. Belize Natural Energy and Reimers Feed Mill of Spanish Lookout were a big help in making this event so special as well. Thanks to all of our sponsors, hope you enjoyed the races!

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