Saturday, March 19, 2011

J.R. a.k.a. 84 Nelore Bull calf

This is the bull calf John had picked out for me to show at the Ag fair. John had told Henry, the barn guy, before he passed away, so...I'm gonna show a Nelore Bull Calf at the Ag fair. He is growing so much every week, and we have 5 more weeks before the fair...


  1. Have fun showing! I thought about showing one of my does (who is very correct!)that was born last year in this year's Arkansas Dairy Goat show, but the competition is SO extreme, I am too intimidated
    I would love to come there to the Ag show one year, but it is always in May, which is during kid season for us.

  2. Ha I just the comments and did know it was Nelore, my fingers typed Lenore, if I evr get a heifer I want call her Lenore the Nelore!