Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow that took forever

Ive been in San Ignacio st Mr. Greedys Too, downloading this stuff for over 2 hours. Showed Edgar and Johnathon the videos, they were totally shocked. WOW, was Edgar and Johnathon (who hates snakes) saya "you should have chopped her". He knows we didnt.

The Palapa is started, 5 guys plus Tom and Chuck, and with the size it will still be 3 weeks.
We took a ride to Sappodilla Falls yesterday. Whoopi got to ride ala Mahareja style. Ill post those later. 4.5 hours, Chuck was feeling it by the time we got back. But he did great.

Gotta go. Hope everyone is doing well and are geting passports.

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