Monday, August 10, 2009

Belize Border

So Sunday in Chetumal was fairly wasted as we tried to get laundry done, but could only find places that did it for you and it wouldnt be ready till Monday....So we carried in dirty clothes. But we found the Sams club I knew was there and checked it all out, they had the lawn sheds I wanted earlier in the season, but were out now. DANG IT! So then we went to the Chedials and got some groceries and wine and reading glasses for Tom. HOLY MACKERAL! Do not shop there after church is out. Do it way before or just don't do Sunday. Friggin crazy, we waited in lne to pay longer then we shopped by twice over.

SO...Monday morning comes and we head to Belize border. Still unable to get a hold of Steve Kuylen. When Tom and Marge had used him three yrs before, his rep met them on the Mexican side. We had several guys want to "help" us, but no Kuyleen rep. No one answering the phone. Now keep in mind, its an hour later in MX, so when it was 7:00 in Mx it was 6:00 in BZ, then it was 8, no answer. Finally we gave up at 9:00 and decided to cross over on our own, just to get to the other side and see if we could find him.

Just as we were sitting to cross the gate, Steven Kuylen answered and gave me Dennis number. I phoned him and he was waiting right at the BZ border and had been for an hour, but we did not have each others #'s. So...note, Kuylen is still the best broker, Ill tell more later, but get specifics, certainly if its the weekend, ask where and who to expect. It was as much my fault as the brokerage for the miscomunnication.

So we cross into BZ around 9:40 and Dennis had all papers done and signed by 11:30. WooHoo! Baby. He saved us over $3500-4500 and we were thrilled. Yeah, till we waited, and waited, and waited and waited 4 hours to get cashed out. NOTE: BIG NOTE: Do not cross border on a Monday morning, the produce trucks take precedent over any one. 3:30 we finally paid and got out of there. Oh well, we still saved a bunch of money, Dennis was great and Mr. Steven Kuylen is not only a great business man, he is a hoot to talk to and hang with. That is one BUSY man.


Now Chucks driving expertise will really come into play. To get to Gregs camping area in San Ignacio, you have to take the low lyeing bridge. Well, that is a sharp 90* angle turn with a severe drop in the road. Its sometimes tough in a truck with a load, let alone the Wicked with the trailer load we had. A few tense moments, held up a little traffic, but, TA DAH! He did a heck of a job. We went to Greg Carrillo's place-Inglewood Camping Grounds. Great place. Perfect timing, it was dark as we pulled through his gates. He has electric and water and bathrooms with showers, lots of shade, really nice. Other then the lil dasterd biting ants, it was great.

Tom boogied home to his lovely wife and we went to bed, exhausted, but with smiles.

Next a.m. Chuck and I prepped for the switch of cargo to go from trailer to truck. Tom and Marge pulled in with their trucks. Tinkerbell, the old Ford and the new Isuzu, Bluebell. We did a load a piece and the three of them went and unloaded while I emptied septic and gray water, broke down camp and turned the Wicked around to get the trailer off. The next trip witht the trucks was it, we were heading home, well, Tom and Marges home anyway. But it will be ours as well for a year or so. Chucks skills and nerves would be tested again. We would travel the Mountain Pine Ridge Road and its not the purtiest thing to drive on, all though, this side is much better then the side that goes out toward 7 Miles.

We put the trailer with the small load that was left, on Tinkerbell, I drove the Toyota and Chuck his Wicked. I went on ahead to get out laundry and some groceries and my phone turned on. I was able to catch up to them pretty easy, maybe a third of the way there. Chuck did not have to do the low lyeing bridge, he was able to go out of town on the steel bridge. Thank goodness.

Once again the Wicked proved her worth. She handled the road with ease. Bella was a little wigged out with all the bouncy and swaying, but the motorhome was grinning the whole way. (She does grin, I swear!)

We, were home.

Not ten minutes after we were parked, the nightly flights of the parrots started and we were right on the flight plan. Bella was looking up in the sky, wondering what all the noise is.

A fabulous dinner prepared by Marge, a couple bottles of wine, our friends and we were home. It was wonderful.

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