Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our newest addition

Meet Quincy! Our 4-5 week old gray squirrel. He had fallen out of the nest three nights ago and we were sure he would be eaten by a cat or a snake as he was very LOUD about how unhappy he was. We were very surprised for two day Bela hadnt gotten him. Then...this morning we hear him and see him as he goes up a tree just about 12 ft away from the Wicked. He climbed like 25-30 ft. We thought he was home free.
Then 4 hrs later he had hit the ground again, screaming like a banshee. BELA HEARD...then SAW him! Wholly Mohlly, we both took off but of course she got there first, oh yeay he was climbing a dif tree, but cruising right up and she jumped and missed him by a half inch. Ok, well good, he got a way. NOT! He was too weak and let go and plopped from 15' right in front of her! Needless to say she snagged him, him screaming, me screaming, Chuck screaming...(enough that Tom came to see what was up).
She released on the oust command, but had him about 8-10 seconds. He was shocked, dazed and out of breath, but she had not hurt him at all. So we now have a baby squirrel eating from a tiny syringe and so far seems to be doing well. he is so dang cute! Not only did we save him from Bela but from the Hawk who had heard him and came to get lunch.
Keep your fingers crossed we keep him healthy and can turn him out in a week or two.

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  1. Awww....what a cutie. He needs to learn to hang on though! Glad you were all there!!! Kane would probably have done what Bela did!