Thursday, May 20, 2010

Belize info

After the first few entries of this blog is some pretty good info regarding out trip through Mex and getting here and just good info. We now have property on the sea in Corozal District, up in Waree Bight, as well as a farm in Cayo, on the Mountain Pine Ridge Rd. Title took two years for the ocean property because it had been a lease then a death of husband so it went through probate and then the Govt considered taking it back, but our two 'Lands' Guys did a great job for us and got it done! Mark Mahmuhd from San Ignacio and Marcello Cowo in Progresso.

Farm had to be 'extracted' from Mennonites property and so that has taken months but is in the works. You have to have patience here, for everything, but certainly for anything to do with the Lands Department.

Beth Roberson of Holdfast, Ltd is a wonderful realtor to deal with. She has been here over 30 yrs and is soooo honest. I had declared I WOULD NEVER use a realtor here. Then we found Beth. She is also a magazine/paper producer. She started and designed the Belize Agriculture Report, with the help of her good friend John Carr. He is an amazing man and has had Banana Bank here for many many years and is a large farmer and horseman. The magazine has taken off well but always in hopes of making a profit. Someday Im sure, its too good a information mag to let it stop. Oh yeah, I happen to write a monthly article for it.

Mr. Cardonna in Belmopan is a terrific lawyer if you are in need. Lets see... the other thing in Belmopan is that is where the American Embassay is and where you go for all lands and passport-residency issues. Not much to the town really, but it is the hub of the necesary things to get done.

Found a great mechanic in San Ignacio, total mess of a shop, if you can think of it as a shop, but amazing mechanics.

If you need a great Tour guide service, we recommend Maya Walk in San Ignacio. Chimmy's son Aaron can even save you from poisonous snakes. And Moonracer thinks 'Gonzo' is the best around. Lets see, favorite restaurants in San Ig is Rolsons, Serendibs and Mr. Greedys too. For Veterinarians, here in Cayo, Dr. Edwardo Tesecum, Dr. Depaz and everyones favorite, Dr. Burns.

Both the Community Hospital and the Seventh Day Loma Luz are decent. The Community is free and Loma L is cheap. But for xrays or ultrasounds, you have to go Loma Luz.

When travelling along the highway and need a stop for food and beer, stop at Cheers at Mile 31 1/4 on the Western Highway. 2.5 miles West of the BEST ZOO IN THE WORLD! The Belize Zoo.
Chrissy and Anita do a great job at Cheers! And the food is fab!

Of course when it comes to lodging, there is a huge variety in this area. Depends on what you want. Want water, Table Rock is stunning and on a huge stretch of the river. In the jungle, our favorite is Moonracer Farm Both facilities serve meals and are quiet. Can do laundry and tours and extras. For the Northern area, we love Pristine Point in Progresso, Linda and Phil can also help you buy property here in Belize and are very trustworthy. If it were not for them, we would not have gotten our sea property. And Cheers on the Western highway has some cute cabanas as well if you are on the way somewhere, but need a stopover.

Keep in mind when traveling, to get gas when you can, stations are only in the bigger cities, and you will ocassionally have a police check point, especially around Belmopan, the capital. Gas was $8.17-8.30 in September, now it is $9.89 or $4.95 US a gal. OUCH!

We have a few people that we would recommend you stay away from for real estate and building-construction, so if u need to know, email me.

So...hope this helps anyone surfing looking for info for our area. You can always e me and ask specifics.

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