Sunday, May 23, 2010


Ok those who know me know I am not one to complain alot. But I gotta vent!!! First, I knew Quincy was distressed this a.m., I think he got to cold last night. NO I did not get up in the middle of the night with him. He wasnt very hungry and he has been a chow hound for 4 days, so, I made sure I took a fresh batch of his mix and stuck him in my cleavage for the 2.5 hr drive to Orange Walk for the horse race.

Off we go in the pouring rain, but who knows if 2.5 hrs away is raining or not, and we have seen them race in the rain before, so since we had missed the Easter race, we felt we should go and keep the business momentum going. Yeah, how'd that work for me? NOT!!! NO RACE, too much rain. So after a $100.00 BZ in gas and a whole day wasted, we came home.

I put Quincy on a warm water bag while I unloaded groceries, prepped his next bottle and unwrapped my lil guy. What a sad night. He had died in the past 10 minutes and I felt so bad that I wasnt holding him. I could not find the Esbilac that was recommended and tried my own concoction, that had seemed to be doing great. I was worried he hadnt peed, then this morning he peed a river. NOTE: you are to stimulate baby squirrels after every feeding to urinate. Uh oh, sorry Quincy. Did not know that. DANG IT!

So my lil baby Quincy...Rest In Peace lil dude, we will miss you.

Ok so now to top off the night, we are really concerned that we will not be moving the Wicked in the next two weeks as the rain has come in with a true vengeance. It is still meant to be the dry season. NOT!!! It has rained every day for 4 days and POURED today. So...unless we get a dry spell, we could be here for 3 more months. Jeepers, what a mess. The farm is so amazing and we have been so excited to make the move, never knowing we would have serious rain hit so early. And whats funny, is I can ask 6 dif Bz's if they think the rainy season is really here to stay this early or is it a tease, and 3 will say 'oh no, we will still have more dry' and the next 3 will say 'oh yes, we are here, in the rains now'. SO.... who knows.

Good part, we love the hollow, just a bummer to not get to our own place when we planned. Ruben, Im pretty sure, is moving into the 1 level house this week. He is our Guatemala worker from El Progresso and is becoming our caretaker. All though he speaks very little english and understands even less and ya ll know we speak zippo spanish, we seem to be able to make it work. Now, when the royal palms are chopped instead of the weeds, then we will know we maybe didnt make it work as well as we thought we had. Lordy lets hope that never happens. He is an amazing worker and we trust him completely. So at least he will be there.

Having left Blancaneaux has been such a blessing. No of course not financially, but in every other way. I feel like I am part of the team at LRF now and can get just as dirty and grimy as the guys. So much to be done yet, but feeling like we are making headway. Gutters go on next weekend and then we have rain catch for Ruben and us. Still need to make him a shower, but he's 'bucketing' for the time being and is a good sport. He actually has a bigger house now with only half use, then the one he shared in El Progresso. And I think he is happy to have his 'own' house, kinda sorta.

So when you get a baby squirrel, please make sure you rub his little genitalia area and have him pee after all 5-6 feedings a day. If any one comes to visit you have to bring me Esbilac so I have it on hand.

Have a great end of May. My lil Emilia Reutimann has her first Walk Trot class at a QH show in TN this next weekend and I can not wait to find out how she does! Good luck Emi and Amigo!


  1. sad. :-( Poor little guy. I'm glad you guys had him and loved him for a few days though! :-)
    Keep us posted on the rains....I'm jumping for joy when it rains here (no watering the garden!), but I suppose it's different when it rains for MONTHS!

  2. That is true for many baby mammals--cats, dogs, rodents, etc.(not livestock-type animals) All must be stimulated. I lost a kitten I was taking care of years ago due to not knowing about that. I still feel guilty about it to this day.

  3. I have raised several baby critters on my own mix of stuff and had never had a peepee issue, either I handles them enough that it wsa stimulation or i got lucky. I feel so bad...Ill know better next time.