Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to LRF Cayo

So...where to take off. Ok so like I just saw a picture of my adorable husband, who I think has a great body now, back in like 1996-98, WHOLLY FRIGGIN WOW!!! 0 % body fat, could bench 300 lbs, had friggin arms the size of my legs, only with definition, and I love his shoulders now, gawd allmighty, you shud of seen him then, lalallalla my tongue is out!

Ok, back to reality. Sigh

The farm is becoming amazing again. So much work it is a little overwhelming, but also so worth it. We are having as much paid work done as we can afford, but thats limited.

Blancaneaux lost 2/3rds of my $2100.00 fence from the US for three weeks, but I kept after them and low and behold, the two anal folks that had checked it in had lost it! BUT I have it back so thank you lord!

Oh yeah, by the way, I quit Blancaneaux, best decision I have made in the past 10 months here. WILL NOT lower my standard of care and returning manager and I just did not see eye to eye, or nose to nose or hip to hip. You get the idea. I thank Anne Wood for being an amazing manager and truly an amazing woman. I hope she has a great new life back in the states.

So now, I took over lessons at the Belize Equestrian Academy and am planning for a very busy summer. Trey Roberson was all ready a friend of mine, (he is who got me into the Belize City Carriage gig) and he is like a lil brother. He owns the school and is so geeked I'm there. We are gonna have a great time making the Academy grow into what it could be. Thanks Trey for the opportunity!

Wow so much to tell ya. Bela took the BEST IN SHOW at the Belize Agriculture Fair Dog Show, sponsored by ALICAN DOG FOOD! I have no decent pics as Chuck stinks as a camera man. She was an amazing girl. Did an obedience demo, a bite demo with Bark 9, her bench class, another bite demo and then her obedience ALL IN 102* heat. Her obedience was not as good as it could of been, but she was fabulous all day. And took it all in the end!

I only wish I could afford to have Richard come back down.

I will add more LRF pics as soon as I have time to sit throgh downloads. I took yesterday to do nothing but computer stuff and articles and ads and my whole satellite system was wacked and super slow, so no downloads. Maybe tonight.


  1. What - drooling over your own husband.....that's just so COOL! :-) I do it too! Not over your husband, lol. My own husband.
    Yay for Bela winning Best in Show! Sounds like things are going well for you all! Sometimes the path you travel isn't all paved and straight - but where's the fun in that, right? :-) Many hugs!

  2. HAHAa, but I know we both have hot husbands! Us lucky girls! And since Belize only has two highways in the whole country, one North and South and one East and West and they are cut through mountains...we are definetly not on a paved and straight path, and we love it! Can't say we love our road tho. Third time to have muffler and bumper welded.