Sunday, June 27, 2010

OUR BOUNTY...sooooo good!

Lets see, it started in April with the Custard Apples, they are wonderful, at least I think so. Chuck doesnt like the texture. Its kind of a dark brown/black looking heart/apple shape very bulbous, and all though it has a lot of seeds to work on it has this puddingy custard like fruit. I just cut em in half and eat with a spoon,, suck out the custard and spit out the seeds. Not exactly a 1st date kinda thing, but hey Im eating my fruit on my property and if I wanna suck on seeds, I SHALL!!! Heh. The Toucans and Aracaris love em too so we leave the top ones for them.

Wax Apples, aka Molly Apples, have been unreal, so many that the branches are breaking. Chuck and I like them before they get the red/pink tone, we like them crunchy and tart, kinda like a Granny Smith. Marge made applesauce of them and it was great. We had it beside grilled pork chops and YUM! Our two trees have produced for two months now and it looks like another round of buds is on the way. I have sold some to the San Ig market and to FTC. $2.50 a lb.

Sour Sop started coming along in May and 1st of Juneish we had the one huge perfect one, BUT, I waited one day to long and lost it, so sad. A few other smalls one were on other trees but I hadnt bothered with them yet.

Mangos. MAGOS MANGOS MANGOS!!! Oh my heavens do we have Mangos! 4 kinds. I think Im becoming known as the Mango Mamma in the area. I always take mangos and Molly Apples to the folks I deal with in town and people love it!!! I gave away over 60 mangos the other day and sold another 30. We hopefully have a mennonite family who will can and share with us. Lets hope they follow thru. Some of the ones of the canning variety are the size of cantaloupes. BUT oh heavens they are all so tasty. Green with salt, pepper and lime, or ripe just alone. I made mango pancakes Sat and they were delicious.

Avocados are here now. I pluck 2-4 a day so they do not hit the ground and ate our first one for lunch. Oh yeah, LOVE THEM!

The Nonis are really producing, but we give it to a couple of friends as we do not do anything with them, I cant stand the smell, I dont care how good they are for you.

Only one breadfruit on the tree that was fire damaged.

The peach trees are young as well as the Japanese Plum, so nothing there yet, but they look good n healthy.

Several berry type trees produced but the fruit is there for only a few days.

The pepper trees are so cute. Funny I had gotten one just like them for Lisa for her birthday a few yrs ago as a porch plant cause they are so cute. But you can eat the peppers and WOOOHHOOO they be HOT!!!

The Mommy apples are not overly producing but they are there. Havent tried those yet.

The cashew did about 2 dozens and that was also a short time span. Abi liked them, they are actually dangerous if you eat the wrong part.

We are ready to plant the hay field. All though we have spent almost a $1000.00 bzd to get it good, I don't even know if Im gonna do horses. I have moments of thinking, "no horses-freedom to go where we want"! Hmmmm...wait and see I guess.

A yr from now we will be fiancially so much better as for no payments. So I may bring in a few, or not. Just not sure yet. Im still around horses several times a week. But I must admit, I have never been this long with out riding, never in my life. I teach 2-3 days, but I am on my feet not a horse. I have many I could ride, I just don't seem to make the time. But until we can do a barn that I can lock, no horses for sure.

Our caretaker/watchmen/security guard/worker/friend, who lives in the smaller house, is gettin his own garden ready. We bought the seeds so he will share his bounty as well. We should have normal garden veggies in a couple of months.

Of course we have coconuts all the time. We do sell them to a lil guy who comes every 2 months, but always have a few for ourself.

The Golden Plums are coming in well, but have about a month more.

The citrus....ahh, the citrus. Some trees are bare of fruit, some have a few and one has a normal amount. So hopefully next year, with all the love and attention they are getting, they will feel up to producing more. We may have lost two trees. We will see if they come back after the rainy season.

In case you couldn't tell, I gotta tell ya, WE LOVE LIGHT REIN FARM CAYO BZ! We can not wait to share all the beauty of our farm and area with friends and family. PLEASE come and visit.

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