Sunday, March 14, 2010

We turn into psycho fire rakers

This is the back of the house. The Cho Cho vine off of Chucks shoulder is maybe 15-20 feet from the house and you can see the palapa structure burning in the back ground. I gotta admit I got a lil choked up in this one because we had felt so defeated. Then...we just got serious and said we were'nt going down without a fight. And thank you lord, it worked, we saved the houses. The orchards as well were spared thanks to our back raking and preburning earlier in the month. After all the rushing and stress, when it all calmed down and was pretty well contained, I stepped in a hole and snapped my ankle. Jeez oh petes. Oh well, they casted it and its feeling lots better 4 days later, maybe Ill get lucky and not have torn anything. We shall see...

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