Monday, March 5, 2012

Quick update

NBHA BELIZE IS HERE!!! WE B OFFICIAL! Our first NBHA run is March 25th at 11:00. See Fb and NBHA Belize if you want more info.

House on hold till Chucks surgeries go well and he can function again.

BEA is up to 23 students, I am running out of time slots and had to add a 4th day to go down that dang road...But I am happy we are busy. And my students are great! They range from 4 to in their 50's...

Weather has been hot and dry but have had rain now for two days and Im so glad, great way to kick off the dry season...

Still have one of Belas "belizian shepermans" to find a good home.

Busy busy life is good...

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