Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Pics from the TCER and Barrel Race

Hannah Pershing, riding Lil Bit, last years Champion Horse, swept the three championships and the $1500.00 Hannah and Lil Bit have been trained by the BEA and Marjie Olson and Lil B is an amazing natural endurance horse, coupled with Hannahs light weight and talent, it has been an awesome team and one Marjie has been proud to train.
Asad Bedran, riding his super cool horse Pinto, kept us all running hard and ended up winning the Pole and the Barrel Championship Breast collars that were sponsored by Light Rein Farm of Cayo. marjie is just presenting...
Jimmy of Reimers Feed Mill, one of the TCER's most supportive sponsors, was there to present the big trophy and the Uckele and Bio Meds products, to Hannah. A huge thanks to Reimers and all of our sponsors.
Johnny Roberson of Olde Mill presented Cesar Xi his 2nd place trophy and products from Uckele and Bio Meds.
Jeff Roberson of Yalbac Ranch and Sawmill presents Joel neal his 3rd place trophy and Uckele and Bio Meds awards.
With out "Belize Natural Energy", our top paid sponsor and "Reimers Feed Mill" our Most supportive sponsor, this event could not even think of happening. Then of course, we have companies like Uckele, Yalbac Ranch and Sawmill and Belize Ag Report that contribute financially and with the support of articles and ads. But we must not forget our continued sponsors... Cheers Restaurant, San Ignacio Hotel, Carribean Treasures, Barn and Grill, Light Rein Farm and the Belize Equestrian Academy, Olde Mill, Banana Bank Lodge and John Carr. They have all helped us develop into the amazing event we have become. And this year we got to add two new sponsors, MEGA FOODS and RUNNNING W.
Thanks so much to everyone who supported, sponsored and attended the events! Look forward to 2012!

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