Saturday, April 17, 2010

THE REAL TRUTH! now that you know the wedding was fabulous, Ill tell ya about the week ahead of it.

So we had pretty much been planning the wedding gig for like 5 months. The rental house situation was crazy, because we didnt know who was coming and who wasnt, and wanted to have everyone close, but couldnt afford the two we planned on, so cancelled one just before the deadline. Had planned the thing around Easter break for folks with kids. Had an offer of a boat that could take 40 people and the Capt could do the ceremony, VERY COOL as we both love the ocean. SO said yes to that. Had a gal to do Mex food, we all love Mex chow, had a fabulous cake planned, a wedding dress custom done and ordered to be there by the Fri before, had OF COURSE planned on our dogs to be there, did our whole flight itinerary around them, Bela was to walk me down the aisle. Had Chucks best man (woman chosen). Had my sister and her kids coming-OF COURSE!

So...four weeks before the wedding we have a crazy fire at the farm and all though we saved it, I did a severe sprain to my left ankle, cast for two weeks, brace for two weeks. No biggie. THEN, three weeks before the wedding, Debbie our woman of honor says she can't come do to work, Geri says she doesnt think she can make it, we discover the dogs can't fly even though we booked a straight thru flight, (those who know me well know this really upset me), Gina, Chucks sis from NY cant make it. AND CHUCK slams his Honda to the road (rock in rear sprocket) and dang near kills himself. Severe fractured clavicle, (I know they arent really a big deal, but his is a mess) cracked ribs and a PUNCTURED LUNG! So the idea of flying may be OUT! WHole wedding on hold.

Ok...I put on my big girl boots and dealt with the dogs not going, as our best friends Tom and Marge said they would care for them and there was no one better I could trust. Totally bummed that Debbie would not be there, super bummed my sister and kids may not be, as Lucas was to walk me down the aisle now that Bela couldnt go and Jewel was to be my maid of honor and it just wouldnt be right if they werent. Bummed Ginas family wouldnt be there as she had said she would be, and totally worried about my honey. HEY NO STRESS HERE!

SO...we get the great news he can fly the week before we leave. WHEW! Then we get the news the night before I leave (I left two days earlier) that the boat and captain had to cancel. So we now had to find a destination and a person to legally marry us. The cake turned out to be way more then we wanted to spend. Ok, we can handle this.

Then I get to NC and had a day of great friends and seeing my buddy Schotzy and Teddy, doing stuff I had to do-like my ring from the safety deposit box, some papers, etc. Met Chuck in Miami the next day and all is well. Settled cake deal via phone. Figured we would find a place to be married.

All good getting to Cape Coral, our rental house WAS AMAZING! Things were working out.


The license office-who had told us they were open Good Friday WASN'T. Mex food turned out to be three times $ what we thought so we cancelled. My hair appt on Sat was great-THANK YOU KIM! But finding a place to do a beach wedding during Spring Break that was not 1.5 hrs drive impossible, we spent three days looking. And my gorgeous custom fitted dress(you try being 5'1 and see how hard it is) never showed. So Thurs-Sat was run run run. THANK YOU RENEE AND NANCY!! We looked at 7 locations, but they just werent 'right'. BUT...on our way to Ft. Myers Beach, an hour and a half drive away, we stumbled on a phone number who gave us another number who couldnt do the ceremony but who told us about a local beach only half hour away from our house that was gonna be perfect. Uh huh, sure it was. So we went and looked...IT WAS PERFECT!!! Thank you so very much, a great overnight sailing ship who does evening cruises and breakfast. He told us about Bunche Beach...look at pics and you will see perfection.

Easter Sunday came and we had to have a day to hang, thank goodness! By now we have Geri and Lucas and Jewel-:), Melinda, Meg and Gene and Marilyn. So the first couple of days was Renee and Nancy running us around, then Diane got there, so then it was Di and Renee and us, and we were so thrilled Sat evening to have found our spot. Now the dress issue. Could not shop on Sunday-easter, so away we went Mon. Left our friends and family to get our license and go dress shopping. AGAIN THANK GOD FOR RENEE!!! She saved us from being totally lot in Ft Myers and then carted us around to two wedding dress stores and finally the mall.

We not only got our license, found my perfect dress and Chucks ring but a new out fit for Chuck as well, as I was now white, not ivory. LONG, but great day. My bro Herb and wife Cindy got there while we were gone and it was a fun evening.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the episode about the cooker for the wild hog we were to have, all most fell through but Drew saved our butt. Had a friggin 200 lb hog instead of 100lber, but it was awesome!

So, wedding day comes, we have license, I have a great dress, we have Chucks ring, I have a huge bunch of my family, we have a great bunch of out of town friends, we have Chucks mostly whole family, we have perfect weather to go to our perfect spot and had the perfect wedding! Nick-Chucks son, actually did the ceremony. Forgot to tell you the Notary bailed on the ceremony on Monday. HA! WHO CARES! WE WERE GOLDEN! Marilyn, Melindas mom, Megs grandma, did an amazing job on our $55.00 worth of Publix flowers and turned them into fabulous wedding floral. Ann from Annie cakes-Cape Coral delivered an amazing cake and cup cakes early that morning-on time. We were set up for the reception at the rental house. Okay, wait...this is too good to be true. Right?

We get to beach...AND NOTHING GOES WRONG!!!! NADA, NUTTIN, NOT A DANG THING! IT WAS UNBELIZABLE!!!! Folks went out a head and decorated our little sand point with flowers, then my girls-Jewel, Emi, Megan, Haley, Allisa, and my flower girl Ava and ring bearer Evan and of course my Lukey, and I all hung back and came out like a real wedding party. Barefoot of course. The only screw up, I did, as I had Lucas walk me to the line up of Bridesmaids instead of Chuck, OOPS! Hey its been a while and no rehearsal.

We had handed out bubbles to be blown (worried seagulls would bombard us if we through seed or rice), everyone had a sandalwood fan, but didn't need it as weather was heavenly. After our very simple ceremony, in which Chuck deviated from our vows and made me cry, I took Lucas's hand and ran for the sea! All the girls followed and we splashed and had a perfect ending.

A fun reception followed with great food that all pitched in to make and it was as good as I could have hoped for. Thank you so much for everyone that travelled to get there and for my best buddy Diane from Michigan, who was so much help at the house. AND RENEE, I just can't even say.

So, now we are MARRIED, legal and the Mennonites are much happier that know us. It is a good thing in our lil community. ;)

Please come and visit us on our LRF Cayo Belize, and let us help show you why we are here.


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