Saturday, January 16, 2010

Killah Bean

They really do love each other!

No she didnt kill him

Bela had such a hard time with Whoopis death, that we talked of getting her a puppy. We came across one at a Cuban vets office, he told me he was Peek a neese, I told him he was as much Peek a neese as I am! But he was very cute. Like a wind up toy, pick him up and he stopped, put him down and he zoomed all around. Very funny lil guy. This was December 21st.

Chuck and I and Bela came to an agreement that if he was still there Christmas day, then he was meant to be and if not, well, he wasn't.

We had a crazy Christmas morning at Blancaneaux Stables as one worker never showed up and another was an hour and half late. But we got a dozen horses ready for rides and cleaned all 22 stalls before we left for our afternoon party at Robersons.

Beth and John have become two of our dearest friends and they hold some amazing shindigs. There were over 50 folks there and an unbelievable spread of every food imaginable! Wow did we eat. Later that evening, we rolled out to the 4Runner, loaded up with Dottie and Dennis whose car had broke down and needed a lift home, and trucked down the hill to see if 'Killah' (the name had just happened the first day we saw him) was going to be Belas Christmas present.

Well, Christmas wishes do come true as Beluador will tell you. He was there in his little wire cage, all by himself, the last of the litter. I tried to talk the woman down from her $150 Bz price, he was a total mutt after all, but she would not budge. So...$75.00 USD later, 'Killah' was on my lap and heading home.

Bela was so shocked. She wasn't sure at first if it was a squeaky toy or a long haired rat, or if it was real at all. But she loved him instantly as we did and they are such a team now, it great for her and he adores Bela.

This blog will all ways be Whoopi's, but as life goes on, others will join us. Stay tuned for many more pics and updates.

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