Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What surrounds the Wicked.

Im going to shoot more today as looking at these just does not our fairyland justice.
Chuck has put in a septic system, water lines, a rock platform for the Wicked to sit on, a Mayan type rock-dirt wall at the back of the palapa, a rock sidewalk to get Whoopi and I off the mud, gravel in the drive way (that he and Tom chopped by hand). Tom surprised me with a load of small gravel in Tinkerbell and we used it as flooring under the palapa so Bela is not as muddy as she would have been.

Our 7 Mile guys leveled the floor in the palapa and cleared all the itchy stuff and poisonous stuff
away and now with the rainy season, it is all green and lush again, more so than in April after the dry season, it is a little green paradise.

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