Monday, July 27, 2009


I had two hours into a new post and went to publish it and had hit a dead zone and lost it.

Whoopi and Bella want mom to write for a while as they are hanging out in the Wicked being lazy. So...this will be mostly from Marjies perspective.

NBHA Youth World Championships in Jackson were great. The weather was really decent compared to what we normally have there. No 100's this year! My two lil girls did an unbelievable job on their runs. Molly had two clean runs with personal bests for her first World Show and Megan had personal bests on Bailey and made the finals! Doc was great for Marjie in tune ups but when Meg ran her first run, her helmet hadn't been hooked and it fell over her eyes after two smokin first and second barrels. BAD MOMMY AND MEGAN AND MARJIE, ALL BAD! It stunk cause she had a blazing run going. But they creamed the third barrel. 2nd Doc run he fired so hard up the alley she got behind him after the 1st and the 2nd and 3rd came down.

But the real story was her getting it together with Bailey. Every run was faster. Her 2nd go time, a 14.787 was a good time for winning the 3D trailer, saddle, check and buckle, and she could so easily have done it. BUT...after Marjie tuning the mare that morning and right before the run, Megan sat up and rode like a 20 yr old Rodeo Pro! Dang she was amazing and blew her previous time out of the water and ran 14.6! WAY TOO FAST!!! But shoot if your not gonna get the Trailer and Saddle and Buckle, do it by running up a division and saying you ran in the 2D at WORLDS!!!

I am so proud of my girls!!!!

We left for the border on Sunday, after Chuck and Tom busted their fannies repacking the trailer and replacing parts on the Wicked. We are just North of Corpus Christi Tx right now. Plans will be to cross into MX a.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, early morning.

I don't want to jinx us, but we are doing great, I love the Wicked!

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