Monday, June 22, 2009

The woes of the Wicked.

Whoopi: As you can see from the post below, our project of tear out the old carpet-two layers-one the original 35 yr old green shag and the second an all ready used berber, that was installed over the shag, yeah, turned ugly as we discovered the walls were all dry rotted, a good portion of the ceiling was as well and the shelves/cubby holes over the cab were also. OH JOY! Mom and dad get to do about four more weeks of work and spend several thousand dollars more then they had planned on. But...nice part is that it will be an awesome interior once its done. Still pretty funky on the outside, but nice inside.

Mom said the dingleberry that redid the Wicked in Florida just laid new stuff over all the rot. I wonder how come it smelled ok? I feel bad for dad cuz his hands are all cut up and hes so tired when he goes to bed. Nice part about that though is that he doesnt kick me as much in his sleep.

Even mom has learned to use some tools better, like the cutter with a routing end, it makes the formica pretty nice looking. But of course, she is still working with horses and doing Bellas dumb old dog classes. If that big black dope was as smart as I am, she would know how to be a good dog with out training. After all, I bite people when they play basketball! It just comes out of me and I can't help it, and I wasnt "trained" to do it all. Sheez, Bellas a dummy.

Bella:I am not a DOPE! Or a DUMMY! Mom and my trainer think I am very smart! Everyone at the field thinks I am too. SO NANANANANA!!! Whoop Do Doo, ya ol crab.

Any way. We had a great weekend with Dads family in TN. They loved walking me and Poo all over the State Campground and we played in the creek and we played ball and we ate peanut shells from the old fire pit and we ate hot dog buns that were meant for the coons and we hiked up hills and saw deer and played in the creek and ate marshmallows and we went to a big party and everyone petted us and we met other dogs and got a couple of ticks, dad got em off, and mom got ticks and she had to go to doctors and get on pills and we had a blast! Wow I need to breathe.

Hey dont forget to go look at the earlier page.

Puppy: Sure, you two had a good time in TN, so what I got to stay home and have Steven birdysit me. We had fun too. Well, kinda, hes not here a whole lot.

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